Ashley Adams on Vaunted & Maddie Blackman on Gordie

Ashley Adams on Vaunted & Maddie Blackman on Gordonstown

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Two Rolex Kentucky Three Day Event rookies join us this week to share their excitement. Learn how Ashley Adams and Maddie Blackman are feeling just four weeks away from their first 4 star event. Plus, eventing news and an exciting announcement. Listen in…

Eventing Radio Show Episode 11 – Show Notes and Links:


  • We are very excited to announce that is now the Official Social Community of the Horse Radio Network. Go to and click on the “Horse Radio” link at the top of the page. You can have conversations about any of the shows on the Horse Radio Network with other fans and listeners. Equestrian Life is free to join and we think you will love it. It is truly a community made for equestrians, give it a try.
  • The organizers of the last remaining five events offering CCI* with steeplechase anywhere in the world, have banded together to launch a new series, the Classic Three-Day Event Series, in hopes of saving this historic format. Learn more about these classic events…
  • Irish eventers are being asked to contribute towards their training funds during the worsening economic climate. See how much they are expected to pay…
  • We thank Kentucky Performance Products for their support of the Eventing Radio Show. Neigh-Lox, the original equine antacid is recommended by veterinarians and leading horsemen as a way of maintaining a healthy stomach which reduces the risk of ulcers. Neigh-Lox can be given daily to horses exposed to stressful conditions or as needed when shipping, competing or during stall confinement.

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