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Photo Credit:  www.useventing.com (See who is who below.)

What a blast it was to have four 4 Star riders with us to answer our listener questions.  Gina Miles, Allison Springer, Will Faudree & Hawley Bennett all contributed to make this a fantastic episode.  Listen in as they discuss Rolex, training, exercise, their favorite events and learn what events have the best parties.

Eventing Radio Episode 12 – Show Notes and Links:

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Equestrian Collections

  • Our Rider’s Round Table included the following (all shown in the jog at Rolex last year):
    • Canadian Hawley Bennett (upper left)  looking very trendy with longtime partner Livingstone.  Visit Hawley at hawleybennetteventing.com.
    • Gina Miles & McKinlaigh looking relatively fresh, considering they had to trek all the way from CA.  Visit Gina at mileseventing.com.
    • Will Faudree (lower left) looking dashing  with recently retired Antigua.  Visit Will at willfaudree.com.
    • Allison Springer (lower right) & Arthur make the walk through all those scary people.  Visit Allison at allisonspringer.com.
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